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Facial Rejuvenation

Treatments by Ms. Christiana...A board certified para-medical aesthetician, skin care researcher and developer for over 20 years. Her treatments consist of many modalities according to your specific needs.

PRP Micro Needling Facial   

The Dr. will collect your own blood and centrifuge it (separate the red blood cells from the platelets) then inject your own concentrated platelets back into you. The results are amazing! This can be done once a month for three months,or two to three times per year. You will look younger with tighter skin and less lines and wrinkles.The results can last up to a year. 


Is an effective way to exfoliate layers of damaged or dead skin ), while reducing the look of large pores leaving you looking younger and healthier.

Oxygen Treatment

With airbrush technology is another modality she uses to reduce oxidation and sun damaged skin.


Radio Frequency

Is another modality she utilizes to tone skin and make you look younger.

           You can call our office for any questions or to make your appointment          305-251-4325  

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